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About us

SEN Foundation Animal Rescue
is a volunteer-run foster-based rescue
dedicated to saving the lives of injured, sick, abandoned, ownerless animals, as well as preventing animal cruelty and neglect.

We passionately believe that people help animals and animals help people through trust, unconditional love, and respect. We believe that animals from shelters and animals with special needs also deserve a chance.  Sharing this philosophy with others, we inspire and teach locally and internationally, the importance of the animal-human bond, responsible and humane treatment of animals, adoption of animals from shelters, and animals with special needs.

We can’t succeed alone and need the support of community members like you to really make a significant impact.


Our programs



There’s so much magic if you become part of this program by fostering or adopting:

1. They teach us resilience - despite all the obstacles they face, the pain they might have gone through and the odds that they’ll even make it, they teach us, humans, a thing or two about making the best of a bad situation through their admirable determination and resilience.
2. They show us that it's okay to be different - these animals teach people, and especially our children to be more patient, make allowances, that is okay to be different, that disabilities are not scary.
3. They make us better - these animals show us how a little bit of kindness and compassion can lead to an endless series of amazing events that literally change the world!

While many people would be quick to write off animals who are born with a disability or have suffered great physical trauma, we know that these beings are just as worthy of our care and attention as any other. We don't agree with ableism which tells you that you’re worth less, since you can’t do what others possibly can. In fact, most animals we get, don't need any extra care, they live full lives, they adapt well and thrive! We are often the last resort for dogs and cats who are not only abandoned but need extensive vet care, surgeries, hospitalization or boarding. The dog or cat then recovers and blossoms in their foster home with TLC until they find their forever adoptive family.



According to statistics in 2022, every year, 6.5 million animals enter US shelters, and about 3 million shelter animals are euthanized (less than 10% of shelter animals suffer from issues that are impossible to cure). Five states are responsible for 50% of shelter euthanasia, and California is ranked #2. 88% of pets living in underserved communities aren’t spayed or neutered. If you think that’s a lot, in 1984, the number of animals killed in shelters was 17 million, but we still have a long way to go and shall not stop to spread awareness and educating people.

Surprisingly, one of the main reasons animals end up in shelters is because owners surrender them, and many are picked up by animal control on the streets. Owners reclaim up to 30% of shelter dogs (you should consider our pet safety guide to avoiding losing your furry pal). Only 10% of animals taken to shelters are spayed or neutered... It’s impossible to figure out the exact amount of homeless animals in the US, but for example, animal shelter statistics show they could be missing around 70 million stray cats, even though stray kittens between 0–6 months have only a 25% survival rate.

And as hopeful as pet adoption stats are, shelters have to euthanize many animals due to lack of space and other resources - that's where we come in to take the load off. Independent rescues run solely on donations and fundraising, and only remain functioning from the good deeds of their neighbors. We are an independent 501c3 charitable non-profit rescue that relies on volunteers and your taxable donations to make this world a better place for our furry companions.

Parallel Lines

We are an independent 501c3 charitable non-profit that relies
on volunteers and your taxable donations to make this world
a better place for our furry companions.

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