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What's the Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in our animals!

Adopting a dog or cat means a lot to the animal that would otherwise have nothing!

Matching Process

Each animal is different, having its own unique personality and needs. We do our best effort to match each animal with the right home. Sometimes, as wonderful a home as you may have, a particular animal may not be a good match for your situation. One, who is shy and afraid of noises, may not be a good match for a busy household. One, who is very social, will not be a good match for a busy professional spending most of their time at work.

We would prefer bonded kittens to be adopted in pairs or into a house with another pet to bond with. Here you can learn more about why adopting two kittens is better than one for kittens. The happiness and quality of life of our animals is our top priority.

Adoption Procedures

  • Step 1. Check available animals on our website and select the one (or more) you would like to meet

  • Step 2. Fill out the Adoption Application:

  • Step 3. We will review your application and if it seems to be a good fit for the animal(s) you are interested in, we will get in touch with you. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of applications for some animals, we may not always be able to respond to everyone. We interview all potential adopters to ensure the well-being of the animal. A home inspection may be required prior to finalizing an adoption.

  • Step 4. Please, make sure all family members are present at the meet and greet. If you have a dog, please have it meet our dog as well (not recommended for cats though). After the successful meet and greet you are welcome to adopt our pooch or kittie. We may continue interviewing other applicants concurrently until we receive a written confirmation to adopt.

  • Step 5. Sign an adoption agreement, pay adoption fees, and schedule pickup of the animal. Make sure you have all the supplies ready before taking your new companion home. For cats, a carrier is required(!) at the time of pickup. 


Provided Services

All animals in our care are getting the following services:

  • Complete health exam

  • Vaccinations appropriate for the age 

  • Microchip registration 

  • Spay or Neuter*

  • De-worming treatments 

  • Flea preventative medication

  • Other medical treatments as needed

*In case spay/neuter is not possible at the time of adoption due to health reasons, the Adopting agreement is contingent on the new owner completing the Spay/Neuter of the animal.


Adoption Fees

A donation is required to help defray a portion of the costs of medical services, food, transportation, and supplies for our rescued animals. As we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and receive no government funding, we would be unable to rescue animals in need without your donation. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Additional donations are appreciated, as it will help us to rescue more animals in need.  We’re not getting any salaries for rescue activities, so all money goes directly to help animals. 

Many companies will double your contribution, so please check with your employer whether they have a gift matching program. 

  • Domestic cat/kitten - $150

  • A pair of domestic kittens - $250

  • International cat/kitten - $250

+ FIV/FeLV test can be done for $25/kitten

  • Domestic dog/puppy - $600

  • Small international dog - $665

  • Medium international dog - $765

  • Large international dog - $865

  • X-Large international dog - $965

+ for both Domestic and International Rescue dogs $200 REFUNDABLE deposit, returned after completing formal dog training classes**

We reserve the right to increase or reduce adoption fees based on the individual characteristics of selected animals (e.g. senior animals or animals with special needs)

*Due to flight disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the dramatic increase in transportation costs, our current adoption fees for international rescues are based on crate sizes used to transport the dogs. 

**The rescued dogs often times did not have a chance to develop obedience and proper behavior, as they were not exposed to formal training. It is highly recommended to attend basic dog training classes, it would benefit the new owner and their new dog relationship. We will refund the deposit when proof of completing formal classes is provided.


After Adoption

Once you bring home a Dog or Cat from SEN Foundation Animal Rescue, you’re part of the SEN Foundation Animal Rescue Family! We have an excellent community of adopters that share stories about their companions and ask and answer questions in our closed Facebook group. If you are interested in joining the group, please send us a request via Facebook or email at and we will be happy to extend an invitation to you.


Veterinary Care

Adopters are required to take their new animal to a veterinarian within two weeks of adoption for the dog’s first wellness checkup. Purchasing Veterinary Insurance is highly recommended. Please review the PET Insurance Page on our website, with Plans and Reviews of the insurance companies and policy coverages, to pick the most suitable for your new animal. 


Home Visit

Adopters permit a SEN Foundation Animal Rescue representative to inspect where the dog or cat lives if requested.


Abide by Pet-related Policies and Laws

Adopter agrees to obey all applicable laws governing licenses, control, and custody of an animal. This includes, but is not limited to licensing your dog in the city or county where you live, not living in a residence with a “no pets” policy, or disregarding pet restrictions like breed, weight, or a number of pets.


Return of the animals

Any dog or cat adopted through our organization must be returned to us if it needs to be re-homed.​​​​

If for any reason you can’t take care of the adopted animal, please inform us right away. Per our Adoption Agreement, we will always take our animal back, be it days or years after adoption.

Adoption fees are not refundable.

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