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Introducing Daisy: A Playful and Adventurous Kitten with a Heart of Gold!

Searching for a feline friend who combines playfulness with cuddliness? Allow us to introduce Daisy, a spirited and affectionate kitten whose endless energy and loving demeanor will capture your heart.


Daisy embodies the spirit of exploration. Her insatiable curiosity propels her to fearlessly dart around, always eager for new adventures. You'll often find her conquering furniture with acrobatic flair, showcasing her athleticism. Keeping up with her lively spirit is guaranteed to infuse your home with joy and laughter.


When Daisy's escapades wind down, she transforms into a lovable cuddler. Nestling with her humans is her preferred way to unwind and recharge. However, don't be taken aback if her energy surges, prompting her to leap off your lap for her next playful pursuit!


Daisy would thrive in a home that encourages her playfulness and offers avenues for exploration. A family that showers her with love, patience, and understanding will gain her affectionate and devoted companionship.


A family open to adopting Daisy, providing a home abundant in love and joy.
An environment equipped with playtime possibilities and safe spaces for her to explore.
Humans who cherish her playful antics and can match her energy during playtime.
If you're in search of a delightful bundle of joy to keep you entertained with playfulness and warm your heart with cuddles, Daisy fits the bill perfectly! Embrace the opportunity to welcome this loving and adventurous kitten into your home. If you're captivated by Daisy and her charms, don't hesitate to inquire about adopting her today.

All our kitties are fostered within the Bay Area by our dedicated volunteers. To meet Daisy, please schedule an appointment in advance.

To begin the process of making Daisy a cherished member of your family, kindly complete an adoption application at

The adoption fee is $250, which contributes to offsetting expenses like spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and veterinary care. Your adoption helps support our rescue's mission, and we deeply appreciate your consideration. If this post is up, applications are being accepted, and Daisy is available.

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