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In February 2021 an elderly woman asked for help. A three-legged kitten appeared in her neighborhood. The neighborhood cats were not happy to see him and wouldn’t give him to eat when the woman fed them. Poor little fella got scratched by others in the face and body, so a volunteer decided to find him home since it would be very difficult for a three-legged kitten to survive on the streets of Kazakhstan: to find food, run fast or climb a tree to escape from other animals. When the volunteer brought him to a vet, he was malnourished and got a cold during the harsh winter weather, however, his leg was almost healed. We don’t know for sure how the kitty lost his leg on the streets, but after one week of treatment he was a happy kitten again. Another three-legged rescue befriended Felix right away but it took 1.5 months for the other 2 cats to accept him and never has Felix shown any negativity towards them! He is such a positive ball of happiness with beautiful sticking ears!

His personality: Felix is talkative and he knows his name. He has lived with many rescues and was friendly with every each of them! Felix is so friendly and naive – never expects any negativity and sometimes gets hit by other cats when getting closer to them in order to play or befriend. Even though he doesn’t have one front leg he is very active, playful and so sweet!

Felix is spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated to age, dewormed, treated from fleas, and litter-box trained.

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