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Meet Kida: The Divine Feline Diva Seeking Her Kingdom! ?

Are you ready to welcome royalty into your home? Look no further, for Kida, the majestic feline diva, is ready to claim her throne and rule your heart with her regal presence!

Kida: A Diva with a Heart of Gold

Kida is not just a rescue kitten; she's a diva with a personality that sparkles like a crown jewel. She knows she's meant to be the queen of her castle and is on the lookout for a kingdom to call her own. With her sleek coat and enchanting eyes, Kida is the epitome of feline royalty.

Independent Spirit with a Dash of Affection

Kida is a free, independent spirit who values her alone time, but when she chooses to grace you with her presence, it's a special occasion. Picture this: Kida lying gracefully next to you, demanding just the right amount of attention and affection. She'll ask for pets from time to time, making those moments truly precious.

Homecoming Rituals Fit for Royalty

When you come home from work, prepare to be greeted by the royal treatment! Kida, in all her regal glory, will rub against your feet, showing her happiness at your return. However, don't mistake her for a needy queen; Kida values her independence and enjoys the balance of affection and solitude.

The Only Queen in the Castle

Kida's kingdom is one where she reigns as the sole queen. This majestic feline is quite jealous of other animals and demands to be the only pet in the house. If you're looking for a feline companion to be the center of attention, Kida is the one for you.

Adopt Kida and Let the Royal Adventure Begin!

If you're ready to invite this enchanting diva into your life, Kida is eagerly awaiting her forever home. Prepare for a royal adventure filled with moments of grace, independence, and the undeniable charm of a feline queen. Adopt Kida and let the reign of love and royalty begin!

Kida is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks. All our kitties are fostered with our volunteers at Foster Homes in the Bay Area. Our animals are available for meet & greet By APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

If you would like to meet Kida and make her a part of your family please fill out an adoption application at

If the post is published it means we're accepting applications and the kitties are still available.

The adoption fee is $250 - we are a small rescue, and adoption fees help us to offset some of our expenses like spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and vet bills.

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