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LaToya has very beautiful green eyes and a queen-like attitude! In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; some of them have not forgotten this. LaToya loves her humans but demands to be revered, praised, and worshipped, especially with attention and lots of pets!

LaToya is one of the 20 cats from a hoarding case, where sadly she was not acknowledged and praised, she didn't receive proper care, was dehydrated, very very thin, and covered with fleas.

Thankfully, now LaToya is in the right-minded people's hands, has received all the love and care, has gained some weight, and is ready to be worshipped! She was afraid of people at first: hissing, clawing, and ready to fight - now this deity of love just wants to be near her loyal servants, guarding their happiness using her magic of sitting on their laps all day or snuggling next to them!

LaToya is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas.

All our kitties are fostered with our volunteers at Foster Homes in the Bay Area, hence they’re getting a lot of individual attention and are well socialized. Our animals are available for meet & greet By APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

If you would like to meet LaToya and make her a part of your family please fill out an adoption application at

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