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Are you in search of a charming and intelligent feline companion who can befriend any cat in town? Look no further, because Lenny is here to steal your heart! Lenny is a remarkable 6-month-old kitten with a personality that's truly one of a kind.

Lenny may be cautious with strangers at first, but once he realizes that you're cool and trustworthy, he'll be all over you, showering you with love and affection. His heartwarming bond with other cats is something truly special. Lenny is a social wizard, making friends with felines of all personalities and temperaments. He respects personal boundaries and we've seen Lenny getting along with all sort of cats with different personalities - which is kind of a super-power, we think!

Once you earn Lenny's trust, you'll be rewarded with endless affection. He's a cuddle enthusiast who loves to snuggle up and purr away the day. Lenny's playful nature ensures there's never a dull moment when he's around. Be prepared for endless entertainment and adorable antics!

Age: 6 months
Personality: loving and affectionate snuggle buddy
Purr Power: Lenny's purr is like a roaring engine, a constant reminder of his boundless love

While Lenny may be a bit shy at first in a new environment, he'll blossom into a sweet and affectionate companion. If you already have a cat or two, Lenny will fit right in and become an instant companion for your existing feline friends. Lenny craves love and connection: he'll come to you, nuzzling your hand, and gently nudging you for affection.

If you're a family that understands the beauty of second chances and the joy of helping a sweet soul flourish, Lenny is your perfect match.

Lenny is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks. All our kitties are fostered with our volunteers at Foster Homes in the Bay Area. Our animals are available for meet & greet By APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

If you would like to meet Lenny and make him a part of your family please fill out an adoption application at

If the post is published it means we're accepting applications and the kitties are still available.

The adoption fee is $150 - we are a small rescue, and adoption fees help us to offset some of our expenses like spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and vet bills.

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