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Introducing Lilly,

Meet an adorable and spirited female kitten with a larger-than-life personality! This girl is ready to find a forever home where she can continue to exude confidence and charm, showing the world just how wonderful she is.


Lilly lives up to her name with her cuddly figure, which adds to her undeniable cuteness. She boasts a beautiful coat adorned with a mix of colors, showcasing unique patterns that make her stand out in a crowd. Her bright, curious eyes sparkle with mischief, hinting at her playful and active nature.


Lilly is a true firecracker! She's playful, always on the move, and constantly seeking new adventures. This spirited girl revels in high-energy playtime and her leadership skills shine through. As the ringleader, she orchestrates adventures and ensures that everyone partakes in the fun.

Despite her appearance, Lilly's agility is impressive, and she adores exploring her surroundings with boundless enthusiasm. Every nook and cranny is a source of curiosity for her, as she tirelessly seeks new excitement.

Lilly is a cuddly spirit who adores spending time with her humans. She values her personal space and cherishes the freedom to roam and play without constraints. But don't mistake her self-sufficiency for aloofness; she expresses affection in her own unique ways.


Lilly is in excellent health and has received all necessary vaccinations and regular veterinary check-ups appropriate for her age. She's been dewormed and has already mastered the art of using the litter box, showcasing her responsible and tidy nature.

Ideal Home:

Lilly will thrive in a home that embraces her bold and adventurous spirit. With her active and playful demeanor, a home with ample space to explore and an array of toys to stimulate her would be perfect.

Adoption Information:

If you're prepared to welcome this bundle of joy into your life, Lilly is excited to become a cherished member of your family! To adopt her, reach out to the adoption center to schedule a meeting. Adoption fees will apply to cover initial veterinary care and support the shelter's ongoing commitment to rescuing and caring for animals in need.

Prepare for endless entertainment and amusement with Lilly by your side. This spirited girl will keep you engaged and captivated with her distinct charm and personality, ensuring that every day is brimming with excitement and joy!

All our kitties are fostered within our volunteers' homes in the Bay Area. To meet Lilly, kindly schedule an appointment in advance.

If you're ready to welcome Lilly into your family, please complete an adoption application at

If this post is visible, we're actively accepting applications and Lilly is available for adoption.

The adoption fee is $200. As a small rescue, these fees help us offset expenses like spaying/neutering surgery, vaccinations, and veterinary care. Your support plays a vital role in our mission to rescue and care for animals in need.

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