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Introducing Mini, the enchanting 5-month-old beauty who is more than just a cat; she's a true-blue princess straight out of a Disney fairytale. With her calm and gentle demeanor, as well as her breathtaking beauty, Mini is the regal feline companion you've always dreamed of.

Here's why Mini is your fairytale dream come true:

Blue-Blooded Charm: Mini's elegance and grace are simply enchanting. Her regal demeanor and striking beauty make her stand out like royalty. With her lovely coat, she's a true princess among cats.

Grace and Gentleness: Mini is as gentle as a summer breeze. Her serene presence will bring a sense of tranquility to your home. She's the perfect companion for anyone seeking a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Seeking Her Castle: Mini is on a quest to find her forever castle, and she's looking for a loving royal family to call her own. Are you ready to open your heart to this charming princess?

Mini's fairytale journey is just beginning, and you can be the hero or heroine of her story. Give her the love and palace she deserves, and together, you'll write your own happily ever after!

All our kitties are fostered within our volunteers' homes in the Bay Area. If you're interested in meeting Mini, please complete an adoption application at

If this post is visible, we're actively accepting applications. The adoption fee is $150. As a small rescue, these fees help us offset expenses like spaying/neutering surgery, vaccinations, and veterinary care. Your support plays a vital role in our mission to rescue and care for animals in need.

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