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We don't know what happened to him but Rocky walked into a dormitory leaving pools of blood, severely injured, hoping to get help from people. When our rescue partner arrived, they were shocked to see multiple suppurations, inflammation, and many fractures. His mustache was scorched, 2 ears were burnt (1 fell off partially), 1 left hind paw, unfortunately, had to be amputated, as well as 2 toes on the right back leg and 2 toes on the left front leg. The soft tissue of the jaw is completely torn off but he still trusts people, absolutely loves attention, always wants hugs and has an incredible soul! He has received extensive care and multiple surgeries, he is indeed a special cat, he will finally have the life every animal should have! Kind people here in the Bay decided to make him part of their family and we can’t be happier for our amazing survivor!

Rocky is neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated to age, dewormed, treated from fleas, and litter-box trained.

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