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It was clear that Rudi was abandoned right after the surgery. He was left in a card box in front of a shelter with freshly stitched seam and purple colored disinfectant oh his fur. He looked scared and confused but was sooo affectionate and desperate to be loved... After rehabilitation he grew into a snuggle mini monster meatball invasion of pink beans cuteness! He was called Meatball because he rolls around and curls up in a little ball! Rudy would be perfect for a family with children or adults young at heart that are ready for a cannonball of cuddles. He is extremely affectionate, outgoing, confident, and nary possesses an aggressive bone in his Meatwad body. He learns boundaries well, goes loony for playtime, and comes tricycling-chirping towards you when called. This purr cutie is ready to keep your shoulder and laps warm with love.

Rudik likes to sleep with people, makes everyone fall for him, he is such a flirty! He ended up living on the streets of Kazakhstan and losing a leg in an attack of dogs because someone surrendered him, volunteers couldn’t leave him - he is too gentle to survive on his own. Rudik is missing a leg but do not let this frighten you - this will be your best decision in life! Apply today to meet him in person!

All our kitties leave to a new home spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, treated from fleas, vaccinated to age. FIV/FeLV negative.

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