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Tina Turner

Are you looking for the life of the party? Tina is ready to take charge. She likes to be in the middle of whatever is happening. This friendly diva will demand your attention. She likes to cuddle, chew on her favorite toy and play with her dog friends. As long as she can be the boss she will get along well with other dogs.

Tina is a young dog but she already has some allergies that are easily manageable with oral tablets.

*What We're Looking For:*
- A compassionate and understanding home to provide the care and guidance Tina deserves.
- A commitment to continuing their potty training and helping them learn proper manners.
- A patient and nurturing household.

- Breed: Lhasa Apso mix
- Color: white
- Age: 2 y.o.
- Temperament: Friendly, resilient, and eager to learn.

Are you ready to be the hero in this Tina’s journey to a brighter future? Let's give this deserving pup the warm and caring home they've been dreaming of!

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