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Black cats are just as lovable and loving as colorful cats. But unfortunately, black cats get a bad rap, and they have even worse adoption rates and the highest euthanasia rate. Vincent is a sweet, lovable, shy, playful boy, ready for a new family to love him! He got his name when he first arrived because he used to dart everywhere quickly, so he was named after an old motorcycle, The Vincent Black Shadow. He has come a long way since then! Vincent was found abandoned in one of the local backyards of San Francisco with his brother. He is shy with strangers, but after a month with our foster, he turned into a sweet, affectionate kitten, so love and patience are key.

Vincent would do well in a home with another cat and would likely live well with a non-aggressive dog too. He has been in a home with 2 other cats and his brother since October 2022. His brother was adopted at the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and Vincent’s personality emerged more after that! He’s still slightly skittish if startled, but he accepts pets, seeks out cuddling, and loves to be under your feet if he thinks food is involved. He will meow to find his playmates, and he would love another cat to cuddle and play with or a dedicated human to play with toys with him. He likes to entertain himself, too, and will play with cat toys independently at various times throughout the day. He needs a special human who will be patient with him for a few weeks until he warms up to you. He can’t resist attacking wiggling toes in bed or in socks occasionally. I’ve never heard him hiss at another cat, and he wants to be where everyone else is in the home. His favorite toys are fake mice, boxes with packing material, toes, anything wiggling under covers, and a cat toy wand with a bell at the end. He is ready to be made a permanent part of your family! :-)

All our kitties are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated to age, litter-box trained, treated from fleas, and dewormed.

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